Clinical Trial Supplies 2016


2nd Annual Symposium


20 & 21 of October 2016


Golden Tulip Brussels Airport Hotel, Brussels, Belgium


• How to ensure and maintain a successful contractor relationship


• How Data and risk-based distribution strategy can lower risk of temperature excursions


• What is the impact of the EU GDP guidelines?


• How to understand the behavioral traits and styles of your Business partners to solidify the relationship


• Integrating GDP Chapter 9 principle 9.1 in supply considerations into the supply chain to safeguard shipments and deliver timely trial results


• Discussing new paradigms in adaptive supply chain design to ensure a consistent protocol supply


• Vendor selection criteria for clinical trial supply outsourcing


• Developing effective Just in Time Manufacturing (JIM) strategies for Phase I studies to meet requirements when combining different protocols


• Adopting JIT labeling for clinical studies to reduce overage of CTM and lower costs of bulk shipping


• How to use the Clinical Trial Supply Network to support new initiatives and innovations


• Clinical Trials in an environment in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus: Has the industry changed since sanctions?


• What are the challenges of clinical trial supply sourcing globally (with reference to emerging markets?) – Providing a case study


• Are there any distribution challenges to international sites? (Reference to Latin America, India and Asia-Pacific countries)


• Exploring the utilisation of Systems, Applications & Products (SAP) technology for end-to-end clinical trial supply management


• How to investigate the best form of ambient control in compliance with EU GDP Directive


• How to improve the overall efficiency of the Supply Chain


• Analysing recent Innovations in clinical supplies


• Challenges of Clinical Trial Supply Sourcing Globally, specifically in emerging markets


• Best Practices for Managing Clinical Supplies in an Evolving Marketplace


• Biologics and Clinical Trials – What are the challenges?


• How to enhance distribution practices through resource pooling


• The need and importance of more detailed stability data in order to maximise product safety and reduce wastage from poor shipment conditions


• Outlining challenges for the use of marketed products in clinical trials


• Case Study: (Small to Midsize Perspective): Clinical Trial Material manufacturing, packaging and release procedures


• Randomisation & Trial Supply Management (RTSM) Vs Artificial Intelligence (AI)

 [Human Vs Machine] in clinical supply chain


• The best outsourcing strategy for your company to enhance communication of study teams both internally and externally through your service-providers


• Discussing electronic solutions for clinical trial IP management


• Discussing apps and technology in clinical trials: How to improve study efficiency and patient compliance


• Integrating supplies management within a unified technology platform approach; an adaptive trials focus



Speaker Topics


Only for:

Pharma/Biopharma/Biotech Companies






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