CTS 2017 sample of Speaker Topics



1. Money Talks: what is your budget and how it ought to be spent – a clear approach to funding and priority of Spending

2. From wastage in clinical trial supply chain to efficiency

3. How can automation of receipts aid a temperature monitored clinical trial supply chain from dispatch to delivery

4. Labelling: Global daily challenges and preventative methods of overcoming the key


5.Comparators case in engaging compliance and how to overcome key obstacles:

6. Small Pharma/Biopharma perspective: A case for engaging clinical trial supply chain from a small business point of view – a key assessment of challenges, best practices and future preparation

7. A patient centric approach subject to digitalised clinical trial supply chain and the impact of such approach on ensuring clinical trials success

8. A case for Oncology and its unique obstacles from manufacturing of clinical trials supply all the way to patient

9. SYSTEMS APPLICATIONS AND PRODUCTS (SAP) as a potential solution to clinical trial supply chain management

10. A case for clinical trial supplies budgeting, forecasts and the management of such reports toward efficiency within the clinical trial supply chain

11. The key to managing 3rd party technology and effectively ensuring vendor reliability and accountability in both strategic focus on results and day to day engagement

12. They key challenges and achievements associated with purchased or in-house built forecasting model in clinical trial supply chain

13. Real World Data: an assessment of the impact of such world data in improving your forecasting

14. Improvements on Interactive Responsive Technologies and understanding which program is most effective on your clinical trial and less expensive

15. The impact of an integrated computerised system on clinical trials supply chain




Webinar Examples

Jan Walbrecker, Senior Software Developer




Using the Virtual Cold Chain for Cost-Effective Lane Risk Analysis

Riekert Bruinink, Senior GMP/GDP Inspector, Dutch Health Care Inspectorate, The Netherlands - Member of the GDP drafting Group of the European Medicines Agency


GDP Audits: Weak points when conducting GDP AUDIT based on inspections

Eugenio Filippi, Senior Manager Plasma Logistics Europe, Shire




3PL End-to-End Process Excellence to Ensure Uninterrupted Delivery

Florian Siedenburg, CEO, Ecocool




Handling Tarmac Times - Easymade!