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The 5th Clinical Trial Supplies & Logistics Exhibition Conference is platform dedicated to evaluating the ever-evolving complex nature of clinical trial supply management.  The program has been developed with aid and oversight from senior experts to address two fundamental challenges.  Firstly the question of cost, that is value of Clinical Trials may run into tens of millions of Euro, creating an essential focus on avoiding oversupply, overproduction and inventory expiration.  Secondly, the stringent handling requirements that includes manufacturing, storage and distribution in strict accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and recently subject to Good Distribution Practices (GDP) as well as GCP, W.H.O and FDA among other import and export requirements.


The November Pharma Network - 3 Conferences in 1:

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5th Clinical Trial Supplies & Logistics

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7th Clinical Outsourcing & Clinical Operations Strategies


The 5th CTS exhibition conference suggests a holistic approach to the management of clinical trial supplies.  One that is encompassing the entire clinical supply chain, where clinical trial of any size can be address subject to global requirements, including labelling, drug production, distribution, storage, depots, monitoring, material stock control among other key components within the chain.


The main focus is therefore an in-depth analysis of how to optimize CTS, while a several networking sessions ensures a highly rewarding opportunities to meet professionals from across the top 100 Global Bio/Pharma companies.


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