Aquila Triventek has manufactured and supplied dry ice cleaning and production solutions since 2003. The company’s threefold product program consists of:


• Blasting equipment

• Pelletizers

• CO2 Gas Recovery units


Gas recovery has traditionally been a luxury reserved for large dry ice manufacturers, due to the equipment’s size, expensiveness.


AQUILA TRIVENTEK uniqueness resides on making CO2 Gas recovery technically and economically feasible for small and medium sized production plants.


The company is based in Denmark, and it delivers dry ice solutions worldwide through a well-established network of distributors and agents.


Across many decades Aquila Triventek A/S has gained a reputation for innovation, our Dry Ice Production solution is utilized across the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry.  The PE80 Pelletizer is a revolutionary solution for all Pharmaceutical professionals concerned with time and temperature controlled transport and storage.  PE80 is the simplest and most cost effective solution for Dry Ice production, you can produce your own dry ice when you need and as much as you need at the lowest cost possible.


PE80 is now in use by many pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies globally




Company name: Aquila Triventek

Address:  Industrivej 9

Town:  Noerre Aaby

Country:  Denmark

Postcode:  5580

Url:  www.aquila-triventek.com